Receiving Your Creations

When we are ‘doing’
there is no space to receive.
Be sure to pause after each activity.
Here is the space for accomplishment,
for validation, and for success.

Take a deep breath, and receive what
you have created. This is full value.
Do not rush from one thing to the next.
There is no hurry.
That is only a self imposed rush–
A rush to beat time.

This is not how we conquer time.
We give in to it instead–we surrender.
Take your time and enjoy life.
Enjoy what you do,
And receive the full glory
of your creations.

We have to talk about our
creations, only because we have not fully
received them.

Sit back and admire what you have
Here lies a sense of self satisfaction–
a sense of fulfillment.
Receive it, bless it and thank God for it,
for it is God’s creation and God’s gift to you.

Practice this with each creation–
with all you create.
Receive the creation as if you were receiving
a gift from God, because you are.
God is working through you
day and night.
Acknowledge His presence in all you do
and in all you say.
Know that He is always with you.
Acknowledging His presence,
draws you closer to Him.

Feel God working through you.
When you are satisfied with your creations,
you are self-satisfied, as your creations
are a manifestation of you.

Do not invalidate your creations.
If you can see a better result try again,
but never criticize what you
have been given.
This is your gift–perhaps to learn from.
Be humble. Be grateful for all your gifts,
and you will receive many more.

Listen to your heart.
Love yourself.
For as you do you are loving God.
Show ultimate respect for yourself,
as well as for others.
Never talk ill about yourself,
for this is blaspheme.

Would you speak ill of your most
beloved Lord?
Then why would you belittle yourself,
for you and I are one.
Take this fully into your heart–
You and I are one.
Be that one. See that one.
Let that one stand out among the men
around you.
We are one. One in spirit–one in Love.

God is perfection.
Capturing the perfect essence,
is what God is all about.
Jesus captured this perfection in His life.
He knew perfectly well His path–
His dharma,
and He performed it perfectly–flawlessly.
This is perfection.

To live our lives perfectly,
is to live our dharma.
How do we know what our dharma is?
Dharma is the place that we find ourselves
at any given point in time.
We must perform our dharma perfectly.
This is the task at hand.

Perform your dharma perfectly,
paying attention to all details,
and wanting nothing for yourself.
The opportunity to perform the task is
in itself your reward.
You do not perform for rewards,
you perform as a reward.
Always know this in your heart,
and we will be one.

You have been gifted with life.
How will you live this life?
What will you do?
How will you spend your inheritance?
Life is a precious gift.

Use your time wisely.
Perform your duties well,
and live each moment as if it
were a treasure.
See the gold in it.
Receive the gold from it,
and be the Golden Treasure
that you are…



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