Har Ganga!

Hello kindred spirit!

I am reminded of a  deep momentary connection with Jesus about 30 years ago , which opened my heart to unconditional love, sending me on an outward search for God. This search took me around the world to visit many of it’s sacred sites–the great pyramids of Egypt, healing temples of Greece, the remains of ancient civilizations like Machu Piccu and Stonehenge–the ruins of Glastonbury, and to places of spiritual pilgrimage like the Himalayas to name a few of many.

Eventually that search brought me to India where I met my spiritual teacher Sathya Sai Baba, who showed me that the elusive God for whom I searched was within me. With my outward search having ended and my attention now turned within, I began to receive clear communication from my inner voice, and to write inspirational poetry and prose of a devotional nature, reflecting the unity between God and man.

This site will be used to share thoughts & writings from myself and from others on Divine love–the ultimate reality.

I love to write, and I love to share experiences that open the heart.

May you be blessed by the divinity within you–to be your true and holy Self.

Thank you for visiting ~ Karen


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