Embodiments of Love

When we are at peace–in equilibrium,
We maintain a balance,
And the sending and receiving is
happening through us.

We realize that we are not the senders
nor the receivers.
This is a state of bliss.

With detachment from the physical
We watch it flow through us.
We know we are not the action nor the

We are the center of everything–
That peaceful center from which everything
is observed,
And allowed to be.

Speak from your center.
Act from your center.
Know your center to be the heart of God.
From this space we are fearless.
We know our truth and act upon it.

Let your faith in God be your center.
Let your faith in the light of truth,
Be the rock solid foundation in all you
say and do.

For faith in God, is faith in the truth,
And faith in the truth, is faith in the light,
And faith in the light, is faith in oneself.

Put your faith in yourself,
And never doubt the validity of your
own essence, as the essence of God.

Stand up for your rights.
Stand up for the truth.
Align yourself with the Higher Will of
And you will indeed be aligned with the

When we are aligned with God we are
Our thoughts are God’s thoughts.
Our actions are those of God.

See yourself as the great manifestation
of the Divinity that you are.
See yourself as fearless–as unconquerable.
See yourself as light.

The vision we hold in our minds,
Creates the reality we experience with
our bodies.

To create a reality of light, love and
You must see yourself as light, love and

What pictures about yourself do you
hold in your mind’s eye?
Do they belong to you or to someone

In order to express our divine nature,
It is important to see ourselves as the
divine being that we are.
This may require clearing away images
of us that are not our own.

Why would you see yourself as anything
Less than beautiful, capable, loving and

What would be the purpose of holding
Any self-defeating image of who you

You were made in the image and likeness
of God.
This is your true image–the picture you
Must hold in your mind to realize your
Divine Self.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Imagine yourself as Divinity.
Notice the love and respect others have
for you,
And the love and respect you have for

Notice the love and respect you have
for everything,
Seeing your own divine nature reflected
in the world around you.

When we treat others with the same love
and respect we wish for ourselves,
When we treat all of life as if it were
special, holy and sacred–
Deserving of our most precious love…

Then and only then do our lives reflect
The beauty of the light of God within us,
For God is unconditional love,
And unconditional love sees God in all.


The Power of Love

There is no I, there is no me,
We are one–can’t you see,
That loving is our natural state,
So bind your heart with love–not hate.

Let love determine every move,
Let all your actions heal and soothe
The weary hearts of fellow man,
Give every ounce of love you can.

For love will heal every woe,
And fill the world from top to toe,
With laughter and abundant grace–
Prosperity in every place.

So choose to be a loving heart.
It never is too late to start,
To let the love within you flow,
And watch the love around you grow!

The Joy of Devotion

Man’s true nature is bliss.
Losing ourselves in the love of God is
supreme bliss.
There is no more fight–no more denial
of our true nature–only bliss.

To rest in bliss, is to rest in the arms of God;
Feeling totally protected and loved–
caressed and supported,
Knowing that all is well–that all is as it should be.
This is bliss.

How can we maintain this state of
awareness in everyday life?
How can we transform our lives into
this blissful state of being?

We must be inspired by God.
We must hold our focus on God,
For God is this state of bliss.
If light is our center, why is it so hard
to hold our focus on the light?

We live in a world of distractions.
The phone rings–a knock at the door,
Energy constantly pulling us off center
and out of the light.

Just sitting in meditation is not the way.
We must bring the light with us into
our daily activities.

We can do this by devoting our
activities to God,
Dedicating them to the source of all
And giving honor and respect where
honor and respect are due.

This dedication is a devotion–
A way of saying thank you for all that we are,
For all that we have, and for all that we do.
It is an offering to God–a sacrifice.

In this way all of our life becomes a sacrifice.
We become selfless servers and our
lives become an act of devotion.

When we bring awe and reverence
back into our lives,
We replenish the fountain of youth.
We reverse the aging process.

We live our lives with childlike splendor,
Each moment filled with joy and wonder.

Whom do you revere?
Bring your reverence back to its source–
the source of all being.

And as you do, you will be filled with
the holiness that you are,
Each blissful moment reflecting the
peace of the universe.

We are one with the light.
It is the source of our being.
We are grounded in light and love.

We need to change the focus of our grounding,
Bringing it back from the material
world into the light–to God.

We need to look to God for our happiness,
For our satisfaction, and for our nourishment.
We have been looking outside, rather than within.
All of God’s glory is contained within us.

We must accept the material world
for what it is–
A way to discover that our own essence is God.
It is a means not an end.
It’s function is merely to help us to
discover who we are.

Imagine your life being a game,
The planet–a big game board.
All the material artifacts are pieces
on the game board.

The name of the game is Spiritual
Growth–discovering the God Within.
We roll the dice of destiny and move appropriately,
Gaining information and awareness as we go.

Our participation in the game takes
Us to higher and higher states of awareness.
Enlightenment is the prize.
As we grow, we shift our focus from
The material plane to the spiritual realms.

If we view our lives as we would a
board game,
We have gained the perspective of
the Higher Self.

We need not be attached to the pieces
we move around,
Nor to the events that occur.
They are merely ways to move us,
Along our path of spiritual growth.

So why do we get attached to the
pieces in our lives?
This simply slows us down.

As we learn to release people, events
and situations faster,
Our growth speeds up.

If we go through our lives devoting each
act to God,
We do not become attached to the
results of our actions,
As they do not belong to us.

If the action is for God,
Then the outcome belongs to God as well.

This is a simple but effective way of
releasing the ego,
As the ego identifies with what it has
and what it does.

In our most primordial state we are
formless beauty.
There are no divisions between us.
We are one essence, and that is God.

There is no ego, no need to identify
with or possess.
As we rise higher and higher into the light,
We remember this feeling–the feeling
of lightness and love.

We remember who we are,
That we are light–that we are God.
We remember the feelings of pure
innocence and joy.

We remember the feeling of oneness
with our creator.
We now see divisions as false boundaries.

We see the glory of God in everyone we meet.
Our lives become illuminated with the truth
of our being,
And that living truth becomes our life.

Excerpt from The Light Within, Karen Flagg, 2010

Selfless Love

Not being selfish is good.
But let us go even higher,
And reach for the vibration of pure
selfless love.

Selflessness is being transparent–
empty of all desires.
Empty even of the desire for love.

And in this so called ‘emptiness’,
Lives the fullness of spirit–watching,
Waiting for the opportunity to
express itself as love.

To fully allow this expression of love,
We must first lose any sense of our self,
For that sense of ‘self’ is what stops us
from expressing our true nature.

And as we lose our sense of self,
Sinking deeper and deeper into the
love that we are,
Our actions begin to arise from the

With no thoughts, fears or prejudice
to stop us,
Our actions become spontaneous.
We live in the moment.

We let the flow of what is happening
around us,
And the arising needs of each moment
dictate our behavior.

We see a need arise and find ourselves
filling it,
With no thought of sacrifice,
And no consideration for ourselves or
our own personal needs.

The little self disappears, being sacrificed
to the needs of the moment.
We release our attachment to who we
think we are,
And become one with everything else.

Acting selflessly is an expression of our
union with God.
Though eternally inseparable from God,
We lose that awareness when we make
a conscious decision to act.

Just the thought ‘I will act’,
Contains within it the element of separation
from God–the sense of ‘I’.
This keeps us from experiencing the
movement of God acting through us.

In a selfless act there is no separation
from the doer.
The doer is God, and we are one with
All acts are selfless, until the thought ‘I’

Some of the most selfless acts were
those of the early Christians,
Who were martyred because of their
faith in God.

They allowed the small self to dissolve
into the ocean of God.
For the sake of Christianity,
They became selfless.

Today, we can become selfless,
Not by leaving our physical body,
But by letting the ego–
Our source of separation from God–die.

When the fullness of love is embedded
in the heart,
We are easily moved by the spirit of

We give for the sake of love,
For the sake of loving–not for being
This is true compassion.

Only when our heart is full,
Can we open the gates and let our love
flow freely.

Until then we are looking–
Looking to fill our heart with the love
we so desire.

We see love as that which must be
Rather than that which must be given.

But when our heart is full,
So happy are we to give.
So happy are we to share the bounty
with which we are so blessed.

Life becomes an outpouring of love,
A sharing of gifts–
A fountain of God’s grace.

Excerpt from The Light Within, Karen Flagg, 2010