The Power of Love

There is no I, there is no me,
We are one–can’t you see,
That loving is our natural state,
So bind your heart with love–not hate.

Let love determine every move,
Let all your actions heal and soothe
The weary hearts of fellow man,
Give every ounce of love you can.

For love will heal every woe,
And fill the world from top to toe,
With laughter and abundant grace–
Prosperity in every place.

So choose to be a loving heart.
It never is too late to start,
To let the love within you flow,
And watch the love around you grow!


Selfless Love

Not being selfish is good.
But let us go even higher,
And reach for the vibration of pure
selfless love.

Selflessness is being transparent–
empty of all desires.
Empty even of the desire for love.

And in this so called ‘emptiness’,
Lives the fullness of spirit–watching,
Waiting for the opportunity to
express itself as love.

To fully allow this expression of love,
We must first lose any sense of our self,
For that sense of ‘self’ is what stops us
from expressing our true nature.

And as we lose our sense of self,
Sinking deeper and deeper into the
love that we are,
Our actions begin to arise from the

With no thoughts, fears or prejudice
to stop us,
Our actions become spontaneous.
We live in the moment.

We let the flow of what is happening
around us,
And the arising needs of each moment
dictate our behavior.

We see a need arise and find ourselves
filling it,
With no thought of sacrifice,
And no consideration for ourselves or
our own personal needs.

The little self disappears, being sacrificed
to the needs of the moment.
We release our attachment to who we
think we are,
And become one with everything else.

Acting selflessly is an expression of our
union with God.
Though eternally inseparable from God,
We lose that awareness when we make
a conscious decision to act.

Just the thought ‘I will act’,
Contains within it the element of separation
from God–the sense of ‘I’.
This keeps us from experiencing the
movement of God acting through us.

In a selfless act there is no separation
from the doer.
The doer is God, and we are one with
All acts are selfless, until the thought ‘I’

Some of the most selfless acts were
those of the early Christians,
Who were martyred because of their
faith in God.

They allowed the small self to dissolve
into the ocean of God.
For the sake of Christianity,
They became selfless.

Today, we can become selfless,
Not by leaving our physical body,
But by letting the ego–
Our source of separation from God–die.

When the fullness of love is embedded
in the heart,
We are easily moved by the spirit of

We give for the sake of love,
For the sake of loving–not for being
This is true compassion.

Only when our heart is full,
Can we open the gates and let our love
flow freely.

Until then we are looking–
Looking to fill our heart with the love
we so desire.

We see love as that which must be
Rather than that which must be given.

But when our heart is full,
So happy are we to give.
So happy are we to share the bounty
with which we are so blessed.

Life becomes an outpouring of love,
A sharing of gifts–
A fountain of God’s grace.

Excerpt from The Light Within, Karen Flagg, 2010

The Light Meditation

IMG_1405During the hectic pace of the Holiday Season, one can easily get stressed out for umpteen reasons–too much sugar, too much alcohol, too many parties, too many expectations, too little sleep just to name a few. However, if we take time to feed and nourish our soul, we can breeze through the seas with better  health and more peace of mind. AND if we nourish our soul chances are that our need for ‘over doing it’ will decrease as well!

How about a daily dose of light to start with? The light meditation is simple as pie and fills us up with our sense of Self. It’s the best antidote that I know for stress, separation, depression, pre-Holiday celebrations and too much rain!

Here is the recipe:

1. Sit or lie down comfortably. Begin to take nice long deep breaths while your body begins to relax. Stay here for a few moments.

2. Imagine a huge golden sun above your head. Make it really big. Bring it first down into your heart, letting it expand and spread its warmth there. Feel your heart expanding with the light as you breathe.

3. Now bring the light down to your toes and begin to fill up your whole body with light. Bring it into your legs, thighs, abdomen, fingers, arms, neck, shoulders, back  & head. Take time to do this, feeling each part of the body relax as it fills with light.

4. Now expand the light beyond your body, sending it to your family members, friends, pets and anyone else that you would like to send love.

5. Next expand your love by sending light to the plant, mineral & animal kingdoms, your neighborhood, country, the world and the cosmos. Do this slowly, seeing your light growing bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter.

6. Notice that all are encompassed in this light, and feel the sense your of oneness with all. Just sit in this expanded space for a few moments thinking–I am the light.

7. When you are finished, slowly come back to your body, open your eyes, and experience your new sense of Self!