Embodiments of Love

When we are at peace–in equilibrium,
We maintain a balance,
And the sending and receiving is
happening through us.

We realize that we are not the senders
nor the receivers.
This is a state of bliss.

With detachment from the physical
We watch it flow through us.
We know we are not the action nor the

We are the center of everything–
That peaceful center from which everything
is observed,
And allowed to be.

Speak from your center.
Act from your center.
Know your center to be the heart of God.
From this space we are fearless.
We know our truth and act upon it.

Let your faith in God be your center.
Let your faith in the light of truth,
Be the rock solid foundation in all you
say and do.

For faith in God, is faith in the truth,
And faith in the truth, is faith in the light,
And faith in the light, is faith in oneself.

Put your faith in yourself,
And never doubt the validity of your
own essence, as the essence of God.

Stand up for your rights.
Stand up for the truth.
Align yourself with the Higher Will of
And you will indeed be aligned with the

When we are aligned with God we are
Our thoughts are God’s thoughts.
Our actions are those of God.

See yourself as the great manifestation
of the Divinity that you are.
See yourself as fearless–as unconquerable.
See yourself as light.

The vision we hold in our minds,
Creates the reality we experience with
our bodies.

To create a reality of light, love and
You must see yourself as light, love and

What pictures about yourself do you
hold in your mind’s eye?
Do they belong to you or to someone

In order to express our divine nature,
It is important to see ourselves as the
divine being that we are.
This may require clearing away images
of us that are not our own.

Why would you see yourself as anything
Less than beautiful, capable, loving and

What would be the purpose of holding
Any self-defeating image of who you

You were made in the image and likeness
of God.
This is your true image–the picture you
Must hold in your mind to realize your
Divine Self.

Close your eyes for a moment.
Imagine yourself as Divinity.
Notice the love and respect others have
for you,
And the love and respect you have for

Notice the love and respect you have
for everything,
Seeing your own divine nature reflected
in the world around you.

When we treat others with the same love
and respect we wish for ourselves,
When we treat all of life as if it were
special, holy and sacred–
Deserving of our most precious love…

Then and only then do our lives reflect
The beauty of the light of God within us,
For God is unconditional love,
And unconditional love sees God in all.


The Power of Love

There is no I, there is no me,
We are one–can’t you see,
That loving is our natural state,
So bind your heart with love–not hate.

Let love determine every move,
Let all your actions heal and soothe
The weary hearts of fellow man,
Give every ounce of love you can.

For love will heal every woe,
And fill the world from top to toe,
With laughter and abundant grace–
Prosperity in every place.

So choose to be a loving heart.
It never is too late to start,
To let the love within you flow,
And watch the love around you grow!


Sathya Sai Baba, a great contemporary spiritual teacher says that the best form of sadhana (spiritual practice) is the constant contemplation of God.

He also adds,”You may think, if every moment is spent in the contemplation of God, how is it possible to do our work?” Do not distinguish between your work and God’s work. Your work is God’s work because you too are God. It is a mistake to think that all that you do in the prayer hall is God’s work and outside it is your work. You should not entertain such feelings of separateness. Consider that your heart is the altar of God and turn your vision inward.”

And it is just this that has inspired the Sai Young Adults of Australia to develop a program called Love@Work.

To think of God constantly is to Love Him. We do it with every other object of our affection – people, pastimes, sport, heroes – why not the ultimate, God Himself?

How do we do this in practice during our working day?

The Mission statement of the L@W Program then is: Inject the remembrance of God into every personal interaction & every task of the working day. In other words–constantly think of God.
The Love@Work concept is simple: to practice love at whichever station in life fate has placed us in, be it a place of paid/unpaid employment or of formal learning.

So how do we practice Love@Work? A simple method is to locate oneself at the center of a map of the workplace–its structures, people, modes of interaction and tasks. We identify one target, and infuse it with maximum love, considering it an offering to the Divine. This may involve dedicating each task or interaction to the Divine or simply perfecting the performance of the same. Then we move onto the next target. This way, we break the workplace down into manageable, lovable blocks.

We are frequently asked to “add value” to our products and services, so let’s add the value of Divine Love. Mother Theresa demonstrated this in her work, loving one destitute soul at a time. She said, “ You cannot do great things; you can only do small things with great love.”

“What should be the qualities of the actions we offer at the Lotus Feet of the Lord?… For example, if we want to offer a rose to the Lord, we first select a beautiful, fragrant bloom. Then we remove the insects from the flower. Next we remove the thorns or any imperfect leaves from the stem and in a number of other ways we make our offering as beautiful and pure as possible. Every action we perform should be like this. Our actions must be saturated with the fragrance of love and sacredness and must be good and pure. This is the true Yoga of Action as laid down in the Gita.” Sathya Sai Baba

Our work tasks can at times be terribly challenging while at other times–mind numbing. Conversely, Divine Love is ever fresh, invigorating–inspiring. Why not transmute the mundane tasks of everyday life into the extraordinary? Life will never be the same, and work will be transformed into worship.

The above is a brief excerpt. For more information on the Love@Work Program please visit: http://www.saiaustralia.org.au/youth/l@w-action.php